Small business

Empower your business with EZtrust e-signature solutions

Let us help you to run your business easier and better. EZtrust is the ultimate digital signature solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It's the most reliable, fastest and legally binding way to make all your agreement processes digital.

Setup in minutes, EZtrust is easy

EZtrust gets you started immediately. Your customers and employees will love it. Fast and simple implementation enables you to execute your digital transactions today, and to access your documents anytime, in a quick and efficient manner.

Do more, be more!

Stop wasting time and resources. EZtrust is an affordable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly key to improving productivity in your business. We will help you to outshine competitors and excel in customer experience.

Fits your business perfectly

EZtrust is the right fit for your existing system. It is compatible with Windows, iOS and Android, available as a native and browser application. Handwritten signatures are captured via smartphones, tablets or signature pads used worldwide.