What is EZtrust?
EZtrust is a global digital signature solution provider. Our complex services including mobile and web apps, custom software, hardware and integrations allow anyone, from individual professionals, and consumers to sales departments and global corporations across industries, to transform from manual paperwork to fully automated digital documents management.. Our products are simple, secure, accessible and affordable.
What types of documents and platforms are supported?
With EZtrust, you can sign any PDF document. EZtrust is available on desktop, in browser, and as a native mobile app for iOS and Android.
Who can use EZtrust?
Large international enterprises, business departments, small and middle-sized companies, individual professionals, and other consumers (households, individuals etc.) across industries, continents and countries worldwide benefit from EZtrust services. We bring advanced digital signatures and the state of art tech solutions to everyone.
Is EZtrust available globally?
Yes, it is available worldwide. Consumers and companies use EZtrust in dozens of countries around the world.
How do I set up an account?/How do I get started?
Start using Signsoft now. It is easy and free. Click here to sign up and follow the instructions. Fill in your login information - a valid email address and a password. Your initial registration means no obligation. We do not require you to submit credit card or other payment information to register to EZtrust. By submitting your login information, you agree to Terms and Condition and Privacy Policy. Confirm your registration by clicking the link sent to your login email address and you are ready to go!
How do I e-sign a document?
Register to EZtrust, choose a plan or start signing free of charge. Upload a PDF document, add signature field and add yourself as a signer. You can choose from two types of signatures - digital or handwritten signature. Sign by the selected method and save the changes. You can upload the document
EZtrust Digital and Handwritten Signature? Which one to choose?
Users can choose between a handwritten digital signature or a digital signature (a personal certificate to sign the document). The EZtrust Digital Signature requires to submit user's personal password. A touchscreen display or a signature pad is necessary to capture the Handwritten Signature. You can select any given method to sign your PDF document. When requesting signatures, you can select both signature methods to give the signer options and let him decide, which method will be used. Both methods can be used at the same time.
How do I send a document for signing?
Register to EZtrust, choose a plan or start signing free of charge. Upload a PDF document, add signature fields by selecting type of signatures. Assign the signature fields to signers. You can add unlimited number of signature fields/ signers. Click the signature field and add a signer from a directory, or create a new contact. For each signer, you can add both, digital and handwritten signature fields, and the signer will select his preferred method of signing. Set order in which the signers shall sign the document and send it for signatures. The requested signers will receive a notification via email.
I received a signature request from EZtrust, what do I do? / I received a signature request from EZtrust, do I have to register to sign the document?
No worries! We´ve got you covered. Open the request email and click... No registration is required/Due to the legislation… registration is required/registration light is required.
How do I add signature fields to a document?
Upload a PDF document, click Add signature fields in the …… right/left corner. Select a type of signature and a signer.
Can I use EZtrust on mobile devices?
Yes, EZtrust native app is available on all smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android.
What is a digital signature?
A digital signature is a type of electronic signature that uses a specific technical implementation. It is a method of signing a document online. It is based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) standards - using two keys - a private key and a public key. Digital signatures satisfy the need for faster and more secure authentication that cannot be easily forged or compromised.
How does digital signing with EZtrust work?
When a PDF document is signed with a EZtrust digital signature, a unique digital fingerprint (called hash) is created with a mathematical algorithm. It is specific to the particular document. The hash is then encrypted into the document, creating a digital signature. Digital signatures use a mathematical scheme to ensure authenticity, non- repudiation and integrity of data.
What is the difference between an electronic signature and a digital signature?
An electronic signature is not the same as a digital signature although many use the terms interchangeably. Electronic signatures, or e-signatures, refer to a wide range of methods for approving and signing a document. A digital signature is a type of electronic signature that offers more security and uses a particular technology. Digital signatures from EZtrust follow a protocol known as Public Key Infrastructure - PKI.
Are digital signatures better than handwritten physical signatures and how?
Digital signatures are cost effective, faster and more secure than physical handwritten signatures. Digital signatures and delivery over internet eliminate paper processing, excessive costs of printing, filing and shipping; they significantly reduce paper consumption and put a stop to delays caused by mailing and lost paperwork. Backdating, alternating data or forgery are next to impossible thanks to encryption. Each digital signature is unique, documented, encrypted and tamper-evident.
Are digital signatures legally binding?
Yes, digital signatures are fully legally binding and enforceable in almost every developed country in the world. From the legal perspective, a digital signature is the equivalent of a handwritten signature on paper (also called wet signature/ink). Digitally signed documents carry the same weight and legal effect as traditional paper documents. Within the European Union, the eIDAS Regulation (2014) provides a predictable regulatory environment to enable secure and seamless electronic interactions between businesses, citizens and public authorities. In the United States, there are two Acts that established the legality of digital signatures - the ESIGN (2000) and the UETA (1999). Read more about EZtrust legal compliance.
Are digital signatures secure?
Each digital signature is unique, documented and offers tamper evidence. EZtrust meets the industry's most stringents security standards, and uses strong data encryption. We protect your information using SSL encryption to ensure that your data is safe and secure whenever you upload, sign or store a PDF document. EZtrust guarantees confidentiality of all transactions. Our services comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
How do you make sure my uploaded documents are safe?
Every time you upload a PDF document, we store it securely on our servers in order to synchronize documents across all your devices and to maintain original copies. We use Huawei Cloud Services BKK platforms to securely store all document data in encrypted storage in a number of data centers. EZtrust also maintains backups and data recovery plans.
Do I need a credit card to register? /Am I required to enter credit card details at registration?
Good news! No, you do not need a credit card to register with EZtrust. In fact, you need no payment information to sign up and start signing instantly.
Can I use EZtrust free of charge?
Yes, you can. Sign up and get your free bundle/Sing up to our free plan and enjoy free digital signatures with limited features.
What integration options does EZtrust have?
Embedding digital signing into your company's architecture or application is easily achieved by integration from EZtrust. We use two integration methods:
  • EZtrust SDK - Software Development Kit - for business applications
  • EZtrust API - Application Program Interface - for server integration
  • EZtrust provides all the necessary modules to make the integration simple and fast.
What is an API integration?
API represents/is abbreviation of Application Programming Interface. Simply put, it is an interface that allows software to interact with other software. Regarding digital signature solutions, API method means a server integration. EZtrust API enables clients to perform functions otherwise executed on the EZtrust server within their own server.
What is a SDK integration?
SDK stands for Software Development Kit, and it is a good way to perceive it: a kit.. EZtrust provides customers with set of tools, libraries, relevant documentation, code samples, guides - simply all necessary programming components. The customer includes the provided SDK components into their code to complete the integration. Read EZtrust White Paper
Can I test API/SDK for free?
Yes, you can.
What languages are the signing and capturing libraries in?
For SDK integration method, we provide EZtrust Capturing libraries and EZtrust Signing libraries. When included into the code, the integration is complete. For capturing biometric data, EZtrust Capturing libraries are available for Android in Java and for iOS in Objective C / Swift. For inserting the signature into the document, EZtrust Signing libraries are available in Java.