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Sign. Send. Manage - in browser with EZtrust web application

Enjoy digital signing experience in your favourite browser. No download is necessary. EZtrust syncs your documents across platforms

How it works

Sign up to EZtrust

Go to our website and sign up for free. There is no obligation or payment details required for the initial registration. Fill in your login information and simply start managing documents instantly. Get our free bundle and check out all the features.

Upload documents & add signature fields

EZtrust intuitive user interface navigates through the process. Upload a PDF document, add signature fields by selecting types of signatures, set signers. You can add both, digital and handwritten signature fields, and the signer will select his preferred method.

Adjust order & Send for signatures

You can add unlimited number of signers by searching directory or adding a new contact. Set order in which the signers shall sign the document and send it for signatures. The requested signers will receive a notification via email.

Receive signatures, manage and archive

You are done! Collect all required signatures. Follow up on the process. Reminders are sent automatically. Get notified via email when signing is completed. Manage, access and archive documents online. All your documents are safe and accessible from anywhere at any time.

No download required

Start signing documents online immediately. No need for app download.

Super easy

It cannot get any easier. Request “yes” for your agreements with a few clicks.

Speed up the process

Work effectively and fast. Save time and other resources by signing online.

Two types of signatures

Use digital signature or create a handwritten signature using sign pad.

Upload from anywhere

Upload a PDF document from any cloud services or file explorers.

Variety of browsers

EZtrust web application is compatible with Chrome, Edge and Safari.