Electronic signatures

Learn about e-signatures with EZtrust

Electronic signatures enable you to approve and sign documents online. They are fast, process simplifying, eco-friendly and provide an extra layer of security. EZtrust solutions offer two types of electronic signatures, EZtrust Digital Signature and EZtrust Handwritten Signature. Digital signatures are the most advanced and secure types of electronic signatures. They are similar to fingerprints; created online and applied to electronic documents in a form of coded message. A digital signature is bound to the document with encryption. It can be verified using underlying technology known as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

EZtrust Solutions

Go paperless with the ultimate digital signature solution from EZtrust. Sign and send even the most sensitive documents online. It's easy, secure, legal and the planet Earth will thank you. EZtrust solutions empower your business, speed up transactions, and save the most valuable resources. Sign on number of devices including smartphones, tablets, personal computers, and signature pads. Use and sync digital signatures across all platforms. EZtrust solutions are available on mobile, desktop, and in browser. Our custom solutions and EZtrust API and SDK integrations allow you to create end-to-end workflows while improving business efficiency and overall customer experience.Try now


EZtrust Digital Signature

Every agreement signed with just a few clicks

This type of digital signature requires from the signer to use their personal password to create the signature. Digital Signature experience is simple. It is as easy as ABC to digitally sign any PDF document. A unique digital certificate is encrypted into the document assuring its extreme security.

EZtrust Handwritten Signature

The ultimate digital signing experience

The handwritten digital signature is the closest experience to the physical signature on paper. This type of signature is much safer. It is captured through a touch screen using your finger or pen, or via sign pad device. The system captures all distinct characteristics including shape, speed, pen pressure, stroke and timing information as identification of the signatory, making it easy to examine in order to prove validity.


Selection and compatibility

With EZtrust, you can choose from two types of digital signatures. Select one of two, or both types to sign the document. This also applies when requesting signatures. You can request by giving the signer selection of two, it is up to the signer to choose a preferred method.

Simplifying speed

Sign with EZtrust digital signatures in seconds and complete document management processes in hours, not days, from anywhere in the world. Digital signatures simplify and speed up signing processes creating bulletproof end-to-end workflows.

Environmentally friendly

Digitalizing your documents management processes is an effective way of cutting costs and consumption of paper. Move forward with EZtrust to become one of the modern eco- friendly companies that care about their impact, ecological footprint and sustainable way of handling resources.

Secure & Legally binding

EZtrust digital signatures are fully legally binding and secure. We care about security and legal compliance with the most demanding industry standards and legislations. EZtrust continually works on all compliance aspects in order to deliver secure, state of the art tech solutions to its clients.