Enabling paperless future - Signature devices supporting EZtrust solutions

We make sure the implementation process of EZtrust e-signature solution is easy and fast. As part of our services, we supply a broad range of signature devices for companies that employ digital signature methods and solutions. To use EZtrust Handwritten Signature on personal computers and laptops without a touchscreen, signature pads are required. Hardware distribution of sing pads supporting EZtrust software solutions is provided at attractive prices.



Wacom is one of the world's leading manufacturers of digital signatures input devices. Build for long-term use and to fit smartly into the environment at the desk or a counter, the Wacom signature pads are small, yet robust and reliable with a focus on advanced UX. With Wacom, signature data are transmitted securely and encryption is essential. EZtrust distributes five Wacom signature pads, including their flagship product:

  • STU-430
  • STU-530
  • STU-540
  • DTU-1031X
  • DTU-1141

StepOver is a European tech pioneer continuously looking for innovations that are relevant to their customers and end-users. StepOver signature pads fit well in any sales-point or office. The company manufactures a variety of compact, stable devices known for their durability, great security features, and an elegant appearance. EZtrust offers the four most recent StepOver products:

  • duraSign Pad Brilliance
  • naturaSign Pad Colour 2.0
  • naturaSign Pad Mobile
  • naturaSign Pad Classic

Scriptel is an American manufacturer of e-signature capture hardware. Signature pads from Scriptel are highly reliable, build for frequent transactions and long lifetimes. Their products meet modern design requirements, including low profile height, horizontal pen tray, and an ergonomic design. are reliable, qualitative and ergonomically designed. We offer two of their latest products:

  • ST1571 EasyScript
  • ST1550 ProScript