Powerful and flexible digital signature integration

Discover our secure, easy to integrate API solution. Use EZtrust API to integrate document signing experience into your own architecture or application. We provide all the necessary modules to create a seamless, simple and fast digital signature API solution. EZtrust API is the perfect product for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises.


Smart, easily integrated

Improve the way your customers and employees engage with documents. Our API is easily integrated into your own system.

Fast as Usain Bolt

Automate your business critical workflows and fasten all transactions. Upload, sign, track, perform multi-factor authentication and share PDFs faster than ever.

Tailored for your company

Every business is different. We are prepared to match your needs. Leverage our 5+ years of experience in creating custom digital signature solutions and integrations with state of the art tech.

Tech support & service

EZtrust team will work with you. From specification, development through testing to certification. Our professionals are at your disposal. We care!

EZtrust SDK makes it easy to go digital

Sign digitally in your own application tomorrow. Yes, it is that easy! EZtrust SDK is the simplest integration solution. We provide you with capturing and signing libraries fit to required programming language of your system.

Integrate now, start instantly

EZtrust SDK is the fastest possible way to create automated workflows. Enjoy digital signing experience within your own application now.

Easily implemented

Enjoy effective, seamless SDK integration. Add supplied code into your application. You are ready to go! Start signing, request signatures, manage and access docs in your app.

Availability & languages

EZtrust Capturing libraries are available for Android in Java and for iOS in Objective C / Swift. EZtrust Signing libraries are available in Java.

Integration security

Integrate secure EZtrust API or SDK. Go for solutions trusted by a number of security - oriented enterprises in telecom, finance or insurance. Upload documents, sign and send them for signatures, worry free.